Let's Move Into Kindness

Since bullying/cyberbullying was identified as a greater challenge on the last Community Health Needs Assessment than in previous years, it was included as a strategy for the Youth Connection Task Force to address. Based on feedback from youth, it was decided to promote a “Let’s Move Into Kindness” campaign which was launched at Let’s Move Blair County Day on June 10, 2023. We want to promote this as a county-wide initiative among all community members not just with youth.

Here is how you can get involved:

Distribute the HBCC Kindness Challenge Calendar

Purchase a Let’s Move Into Kindness T-Shirt ($10.00)

Share information on your kindness activities using the survey monkey link

Sign and share the Kindness Pledge.

Invite us to discuss our Kindness Campaign at your organization and/or event.

Join our Youth Connection Task Force (this committee is leading the effort but our campaign is not only for youth)!