Substance Use & Physical Health Coalition

Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships (BDAP) and their partners have continued to expand the work started through the Alcohol and Other Drugs Work Group which focuses on the physical health partnerships in our community.

Their first major project was the implementation of SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) which includes substance abuse as an area screened during routine healthcare. As part of the project, physicians and other healthcare workers are trained to intervene and a protocol for referral to drug and alcohol services was developed. As a continuation of SBIRT, BDAP received a five year Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) grant to collaborate with Empower3 on implementing SBIRT at their facility. There will also be ongoing training of the Altoona Family Physician residency program on SBIRT and expansion to the clinical team of the Pregnancy Care Clinic in Altoona.

There is now a 24/7 day warm handoff from hospital emergency departments for substance use disorders.

Training is provided to Pregnancy Care Units on identification and referral of pregnant substance abusing moms and moms to be.

Partnership with Positive Recovery Solution (PRS) to provide community based Vivitrol (medicated assisted treatment (non-narcotic).

Partnership with a physical health doctor to support the prescription for NARCAN to BDAP to expand access to NARCAN in our community.

Over the next year, this work group will expand their efforts to further enhance collaboration between drug/alcohol services and our local healthcare providers.