Alliance for Nicotine Free Communities

The Alliance for Nicotine Free Communities is promoting policies and programs that encourage smoke-free communities (e.g. smoke-free workplaces, clean air ordinances, smoking cessation programs, etc.).

Accomplishment and Activities:

The Alliance for Nicotine Free Communities developed and distributed one video to provide information and resources for businesses and organizations on how to become 100% tobacco-free workplaces.

The second video was developed in collaboration with career services personnel to educate students on issues related to seeking employment in companies that are currently or will be tobacco-free workplaces.

In collaboration with the Lung Disease Center of Central Pennsylvania and Blair Regional YMCA, smoking cessation classes are being conducted in local hospitals, businesses, and other organizations. If you are interested in hosting smoking cessation classes, please contact their organization. Seven out of every ten smokers want to quit and smoking cessations programs are successful.

As part of the Vape-Free School Initiative, the Lung Disease Foundation is implementing the INDEPTH program to provide an alternative to school suspensions for policy violators. Please contact their organization for how your school district can participate in this valuable education program. In addition, 23 presentations have been conducted for over 735 parents, school personnel, students, and business leaders.

The work group would like to encourage dental providers to implement interventions and promote the Every Smoker, Every Time training for staff.